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  • gemini GEM-M-GLO
    gemini GEM-M-GLO

    ∙ The Gemini is an automatic, electric, twin-function die-cutter and embossing machine. It is sleek, quite and fast. The high-pressure system delivers fantastic results from intricate dies and folders, all at the push of a…

    € 210,00
  • Gemini junior GEM-JR-M
    Gemini junior GEM-JR-M

    The Gemini Junior is the perfect product for starting out in the world of electronic die cutting, or for those whose crafting space may be limited. Perfect for taking along to craft classes or weekends, this compact and portable…

    € 179,50
  • gemini go machine GEMGO-M
    gemini go machine GEMGO-M

    The Gemini GO machine is our smallest die cutting and embossing machine to date. This compact and portable little machine still has the same precision and power as the larger Gemini machines but can be taken with you with ease.…

    € 109,00


  • 02-11-2020 - bedankt voor de goede levering en extraatje. lees meer
  • 17-10-2020 - Net mijn onwijs gevulde pizzadoos ontvangen met het schitterende paperpack...  lees meer
  • 23-09-2020 - Hallo,

    Ik heb mijn bestelling in goede orde ontvangen.
    Bedankt en een...  lees meer
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