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oil pastels assorted colours sizzix

oil pastels   assorted colours 


Make a splash in your creative stash with Sizzix Oil Pastels!

Our 12 piece pack houses a delightful assortment of colors.

Certainly, these rainbow colored Oil Pastels deliver an opaque and smooth blend to designs, helping you achieve seamless fades, perfect for creating stunning effects on your papercraft works!

For even more creative possibilities, Sizzix Oil Pastels can also be used alongside our Sizzix Sculpting Foam to achieve a beautiful finish on handcrafted flowers, adding an increased realistic element to your designs.

Please Note: The Oil Pastels are not water soluble.

12PK of Sizzix Oil Pastels in Assorted Colors.

Sizzix Making Essential - Oil Pastels, Assorted Colors (12PK)

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